In many industries, salespersons feel that the best chance of a conversion is on the first exposure of a potential customer. When a store visitor shows the least amount of interest, the sales representative pounces as if there were no tomorrow. Then, if the customer leaves without a purchase, the salesperson considers them a lost cause. In today’s information age, this strategy is not as effective as it may have once been. We at Coloradoan Media Group can help companies increase sales by retargeting those customers that did not buy at first exposure.

Why Consider Retargeting?

When many salespersons are asked how much the first visit counts, they often answer that perhaps 70 to 80% of purchases happen on the first visit. However, the ability for shoppers to research the Internet has rendered them much more conservative in making a quick buy decision. In reality, only 2% of modern shoppers actually make a purchase on their first visit to an online portal. However, a well-designed website will leave a positive impression that will make each person much more likely to make a conversion than a brand new contact would.

How It Works

A remarketing campaign tracks website visitors and preserves their contact information for future campaigns. This tracking is performed in various ways, including:

Targeted Marketing

Remarketing can become a lucrative part of an overall targeting campaign. As marketers focus their resources on those people most likely to make a purchase, they often find that lost leads are one of the most likely contacts, second only to satisfied customers. In addition, we can often discover the reason why a visitor did not convert on the first exposure, and adjust the presentation accordingly in order to make a sale.

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