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Before the advent of mobile phones and tablets, the majority of Internet ads reached consumers through their personal computers. Marketers had nice, big screens to present their graphics and copy. Today, websites and ads must reach consumers on tablet and smartphone screens. We at Coloradoan Media Group specialize in bring large advertising impact to the small screen.

Responsive Design

Modern website design must be responsive to the screen size of the users. Most mobile phone users are familiar with non-responsive sites that require an excess of scrolling and zooming. These are barriers that block users from seamlessly accessing the sites and understanding the messages. The Mobile Marketing Association has provided recommended formats for content presentation and ads. Some of the design guidelines include:

In this way, responsive guidelines allow presentation to adapt to the size of the mobile display.

Effective Mobile Ads

Effective mobile ads must be highly visible without interrupting the normal use of the mobile device. When designed effectively, mobile advertisements have many benefits, including:

In addition, we work with companies to ensure that mobile advertisements fit seamlessly into an overall campaign strategy. The mobile channel will complement and augment the exposure afforded by existing marketing channels.

Mobile Ad Metrics

Modern advertising campaigns cannot afford to ignore the impact of mobile marketing. Some compelling metrics include:

In contrast, 46% of users that reach a non-responsive site never return to that site. It is essential that companies prioritize responsive design for today’s mobile environment.

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Coloradoan Media Group can help your business optimize their online presentation to fit today’s mobile environment. We are experts in responsive design and can create high-impact content and ads suitable for mobile displays. 

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