Email Marketing 

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching customers of any advertising channel. Businesses on almost any marketing budget can use email marketing to build customer relationships, generate customer loyalty, and encourage repeat business.

Advantages Over Paper Mail

For these reasons, email marketing continues to enjoy significant growth, approximately 15% annually. Email marketing is considered to be the most effective online marketing, second only to search marketing.

How We Start

The most effective sources of email addresses often start with a customer list. Current customers are generally the most receptive of email targets. In addition, emails often give businesses the chance to reconnect with past customers and have the opportunity to re-stimulate activity.

Alternately, businesses can take advantage of professionally-generated lists from third-party providers. These lists cover a range of interests to match businesses in almost any industry. This is a great way to grow a new business with a modest customer list.

Targeted marketing

One of the most effective ways that we at Coloradoan Media Group help companies design a digital advertising market in Fort Collins is to help them design a targeted emailing program. Email customers opt-in to campaigns that interested them. These potential customers have already made the first step to conversion on their own.

Why Email Marketing Is so Effective

Email marketing establishes consistent, regular contact with customers. It is very low impact and non-intrusive. Many customers willingly choose to participate in mailing lists of the companies that provide their favorite products.

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We would love to help you design an effective email marketing campaign. We will design an advertising strategy that matches the particular environment of your business. 

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