Display Advertising 

The goal of display advertising is to catch the attention of the consumer through text and graphics and create a positive impression that will lead to conversion. Traditional display advertising takes the form of billboards, flyers, and magazine ads. Internet display advertising comes in the form of banners, sponsored links, and display ads on complimentary websites. We at Coloradoan Media Group specialize in both traditional and digital forms of effective display advertising.

Print Media

Effective print media presents a message, one that must be at least as interesting as the surrounding media. Will the flyer be as interesting as the mail it accompanies? Will the magazine ad entice the reader to view the ad content instead of moving to the next article?

Print media uses attractive graphics and compelling content to attract the reader. Much like the media it accompanies, it should entertain, inform, and inspire. Our talented designers do this through the right combination of page layout, color palette, and engaging copy.


New technology brings audio and video to display media. Dynamic content further entices the customer to take notice. Effective multimedia can be simple and direct, just enough to delight the viewer and deliver the message.


A simple animation can create a dramatic impact. A moving image in the midst of static copy grabs user attention and generates interest. Internet users, particularly those in the young adult demographic, love a clever, colorful animation.

Interactive Display

Modern Internet users are no longer part of the passive audience. Now, they are used to participating in presentations in real time. They love to see the impact of their own actions on the presentation. Interactive media provides a unique method of giving the user a bit of control, all within the framework of the advertising message.


Targeting focuses display media on those customers most likely to embrace your product or service. Targeting is particularly important for traditional print media, with its higher per-unit cost, in order to best utilize marketing resources.

Tracking technology helps companies perform effective targeting. Our design department creates a profile of the unique attributes of your company, and uses that profile to identify the appropriate websites for display. Our targeting strategy includes relevant sites, including:

Tracking metrics shows the effectiveness of these choices and allows for adjustments to optimize the online display marketing campaign.

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